Starlink Launches In Costa Rica

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Starlink, according to its Twitter handle, has just been launched in Costa Rica. 🇨🇷 

The introduction of the service in the Pacific Ocean territories follows recent launches in the Guam, Maldives, Benin, Georgia, Zambia, and many more.

2023 has certainly been a busy year for the SpaceX division, having expanded in 22 countries during this timespan.

Central America has particularly benefited from those market expansion activities as Starlink was launched in The Bahamas, Guatemala, Panama, or Trinidad and Tobago, among others.

Starlink is currently licensed to operate in 67 countries, plus many territories such as Puerto Rico or Réunion.

In the interim, Starlink also managed to grow to over 2 million customers and got rid of the waitlist requirements for its Residential tier in the US.

As a result, the business has now become cashflow positive according to SpaceX founder Elon Musk, a stepping stone in his ambition to colonize Mars.

Meanwhile, the Residential package, Starlink’s most commonly adopted plan, is priced at CRC 33,000 (~ USD 62) per month.

Hardware and shipping will cost customers another CRC 122,5000 (~ USD 232) for the Standard rectangular antenna. The hardware will be discounted by 50% until December 12th, 2023.

Feel free to check out all the different prices that Starlink charges by visiting our global price list.

The discount can, in part, be explained by the introduction of the newest Gen 3 terminal.

SpaceX likely wants to get rid of its existing stock in order to push the newest antenna into the market.

Additionally, Starlink simply wants to incentivize adoption. That said, even at double the price, the terminal is still comparatively cheap.

Back in July, Starlink was approved by the regulator Superintendence of Telecommunications (Sutel) and received a 15-year license to operate in the 14000MHz-14500MHz and 10700MHz-12700MHz frequencies.

I would expect that Starlink will become fairly popular in Costa Rica given the country’s large swaths of Western digital nomads and expatriates, especially in comparison to the country’s lackluster internet options.

Going forward, Starlink is expected to launch in Honduras and Belize sometime in the next months.

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  1. Our starlink hardware is sitting in a DHL depot in San Jose (Costa Rica) scheduled for delivery yet Starlink has not authorised the depot to use any local DHL franchises; therefore our community (Montezuma) has been informed that DHL is unable to deliver here. How can Starlink solve this problem?

  2. H0ow do I order Starlink Residential in Costa Rica? The Starlink website does not like the plus code I am inpytting (either with or without the area code, 66), and my address in a fairly remote part of Perez zeledon is not recognised.

  3. Hello, I want to get your service for San Carlos, Costa Rica.
    What would the cost for hardware be and the monthly fee?


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