Starlink Launches In Guatemala

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The folks at SpaceX and Starlink are certainly productive ones. After launching in Cyprus yesterday, Starlink is now also available in Guatemala. 🇬🇹

With the launch in the Central American country, Starlink’s availability totals 60 countries. Previous launches include Trinidad & Tobago, Mozambique, Panama, and more.

In 2023 alone, Starlink has been introduced in 13 new countries, thus getting rapidly closer to its ambition of worldwide internet coverage.

The Residential package, Starlink’s most commonly adopted plan, is priced at GTQ 510 (~ US$ 65) per month, which is slightly above average prices in Europe.

Additionally, subscribers pay a one-time hardware fee of GTQ 1,599 (~ US$ 204), plus shipment and handling fees of GTW 175 (~ US$22.3).

Make sure to check our global price list for an updated version of all the countries Starlink is available in as well as how much it charges in each of those locations

Back in May 2023, the country’s Telecommunications Superintendency (SIT) authorized Starlink to commence operations.

Starlink was given a 10-year license and officially set up shop as Starlink Internet Services Guatemala.

Marco Antonio Baten Ruiz, the head of SIT, said back then that the launch is intended to decrease the digital divide that’s plaguing his country.

Guatemala, which boasts a population of 17+ million and is slowly becoming a thriving remote working hotspot, still grapples with lagging infrastructure.

Internet speed is some of the lowest in the region, hovering just around 30 Mbps. And while its GDP per capita is one of the higher ones in the region, it’s still too low at ~ $5,000 to become a massive market for Starlink.

To add, Starlink will have to compete with 130 other licensed internet providers in Guatemala – many of whom are priced substantially lower.

With that said, I can’t wait to get my hands on another Starlink when I’m heading to Lake Atitlán next year…

2 thoughts on “Starlink Launches In Guatemala”

  1. Como puedo agarra star link en Guatemala.
    Aldea recuerdo a Barrios san Carlos Sija Guatemala.

    Ayuda porfavor. A donde debo llamar??

    • Hola Ebert, puedes pagar Starlink en su pagina de web. Simplemente navegas por y escribes tu direccion en el cuadro de abajo.

      Por cierto, Starlink no tiene un numero de telefon. Tienes que hacer todo online.


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