Starlink Reveals New Terminal & Hardware Kit

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Starlink, two months after gaining FCC approval, has revealed the specifications of its newest user terminal as well as the package it will be delivered in.

One of the most apparent changes is the removal of the rather heavy base stand in favor of a smaller one.

As a result, the new antenna does not possess a motor, which it utilized for vertical alignment with the sky.

Instead, it is supported by a small kickstand, allowing the antenna to be placed in a variety of different angles, as well as “Software Assisted Manual Orienting.”

starlink new antenna positioning

Furthermore, the new antenna has replaced its proprietary USB-C-like cables with a custom waterproof RJ45 connector.

Moving away from proprietary connectors to a more standardized RJ45 format can make the system more compatible with a wide range of existing network equipment and easier for users to set up and troubleshoot.

What it is certainly more compatible with is the newest Gen3 router that Starlink released a few months ago.

Now, instead of needing to buy the proprietary Ethernet adapter, you can directly plug it into the antenna using the provided cables.

Interestingly, the power consumption is slightly higher at 75W to 100W compared to the 50 W to 75W the previous Standard hardware kit consumed.

Meanwhile, weight has remained the same at 2.9 kg (~ 6.4 lbs), excluding either the base or kickstand.

That said, this version is certainly more travel-friendly since there isn’t an immovable mount located at the back of the antenna (which made the previous Standard version cumbersome to travel with).

Starlink also released a new setup video for the hardware kit. One of the more noticeable tidbits was how easy and intuitive it is to connect various adapters for roof mounting and so forth.

Going forward, it is likely to replace the current antenna and router as the default version for Residential subscribers – at least judging by the description on Starlink’s website.

This new kit is now called Standard while the previous version has been renamed to Standard Actuated.

Both, at least according to Starlink, are still “best for residential users and everyday internet applications like streaming, video calls, online gaming & more.”

I would expect that Starlink rolls out the new kits in the next few weeks, possibly before Christmas time.

Subscribers in the United States and Canada will be the first to have access to the newest terminal, likely followed by markets such as Australia or across Europe (if anyone from the SpaceX team reads this: I wouldn’t having the chance to order it for Germany sooner rather than later).

Again, just like with the rollout of the Gen3 router, Starlink will send out invitations (via email) to those who are eligible as beta testers.

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  1. Very interesting – but this one doesn’t match either mentioned in the approvals you posted in Sept:

    * New High Performance Antenna: 22.4″ x 14.7″; UT3-V1; 36.4 dBi at 14.2500 GHz; 35.0 dBi at 11.8300 GHz
    * “Mini” Antenna: 11.4″ x 9.8″; UT3-V2; 31.8 dBi @ 14.2500 GHz 30.4 dBi @ 11.8300 GHz

    So, assuming this is roughly the size of the first (from the specs page), looks like the “portable” one is still to be released.


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