Starlink Introduces Rental Option In US, Canada & Australia

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Europe had it first, now users located in Australia, Canada, and the United States can also rent Starlink hardware directly from SpaceX.

starlink rent business

As you can see in the screenshot above, there’s a caveat: renting is online available for subscribers of the Fixed Site (Business) tier.

Back in March 2023, Starlink introduced the option to rent its hardware to consumers located in the United Kingdom vis-à-vis the Residential plan.

The rental option quickly expanded across Europe, effectively covering every country Starlink is licensed to operate in.

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Europe, at least compared to parts of the US and Australia, is fairly well connected. As a result, the demand for Starlink is not as high.

Therefore, Starlink has to find creative ways with which it can entice consumers. That’s also why countries like France, which boasts a relatively wealthy population, can order Starlink for as little as EUR 50 per month (~ USD 54.5).

In the interim, Starlink continued to vastly expand its satellite constellation and ground station network, leading to higher total bandwidth.

This even enabled Starlink to completely whitelist the United States (October 2023), making the Residential tier essentially available everywhere.

Coming back to the rental news, here’s how much Business subscribers have to pay across Australia, Canada, and the United States:

AustraliaCanadaUnited States
Subscription Fee (monthly)40GB Priority: AUD 230
1 TB Priority: AUD 374
2 TB Priority: AUD 748
40GB Priority: CAD 185
1 TB Priority: CAD 320
2 TB Priority: CAD 635
40GB Priority: USD 140
1 TB Priority: USD 250
2 TB Priority: USD 500
Activation Charge (once)AUD 300CAD 250USD 200
Hardware (monthly)AUD 160CAD 130USD 100

For those who don’t know: when you exceed your Priority limit, then you be deprioritized to Standard, which is the Residential tier.

This means that your speed, even after surpassing the limit, will likely continue to be sufficiently fast.

If you decide to rent via the Business plan, then you will receive the Gen 2 antenna and router. We covered it in more depth here.

Interestingly, those located in Australia and Canada will receive the flat high performance antenna instead of the regular one.

Also, keep in mind that you don’t have to be an enterprise or business in order to subscribe to the Business tier. Private individuals can also purchase the plan.

In order to rent hardware from Starlink, you need to open the following link and then add your address in the order bar below.

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