Starlink Available Everywhere in the US, Now Offers Full Residential Coverage

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Finally, and almost 3 years after it was first unveiled in the United States, Starlink now offers full Residential coverage across all states.

Up until now, users in selected areas, including large swaths of Texas and the Midwest, had to find creative ways to skip the Starlink waitlist.

Prior Starlink waitlist

In practice, that meant either being admitted into Best Effort or opting into one of the Roam as well as Business plans.

Now, the Residential option is available to everyone in the United States (see title image above).

Subscribers pay either $90 or $120 per month, depending on whether you live in an area with excess or limited capacity.

Download and upload speeds may vary greatly, though. Residential subscribers can expect anywhere from 25 Mbps to 150 Mbps in download speeds, depending on how many users are located nearby and competing for the same bandwidth.

Starlink, for the longest time, promised on its availability map that it would achieve full Residential coverage of the US by the end of 2023.

The earlier attainment of this promise is a testament to Starlink’s (and SpaceX’s) insane rate of execution.

Just a few weeks ago, Starlink reached the inaugural mark of two million customers. The US join over 60 other countries where Starlink is now fully available in.

The ever-increasing number of satellites as well as ground stations certainly played a key role in expediting full US coverage.

In fact, Starlink cited its newer gen satellites (and the resulting 4x increase in capacity) when announcing the US expansion.

Also, the fact that Amazon is about to deploy the first two satellites (on board of ULA’s Atlas V) for its planned Kuiper constellation is an interesting side note, too.

After all, getting customers into the ecosystem will force Amazon’s hand, likely in the form of heavy discounts and Prime bundling.

That, in and of itself will be a net positive for consumers, since Starlink will be forced to up its game as well – hopefully in the form of faster support response times (and maybe even a phone line).

While Starlink is certainly not without its faults, it will nonetheless present a great improvement to the folks used to dial-up connections or satellite internet services powered by geostationary satellites (*cough* HughesNet *cough*).

That said, Starlink’s total addressable market just vastly expanded, which, at least in the short term, will lead to even more subscription and hardware revenue.

Keep in mind that Starlink remains the financial engine of SpaceX. Its profits will allegedly finance whatever expenses SpaceX incurs in the development of Starship. And an IPO in this decade is certainly within the realm of possibility.

Finally, in the coming weeks and months, Starlink is expected to roll out new terminal hardware while expanding into new markets like Indonesia or South Africa.

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