Starlink Crosses 200K Customers In Australia, Introduces New Terminal

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Starlink just achieved two major milestones in Australia, namely crossing 200,000 customers as well as introducing the newest antenna and router.

This represents an increase of 80,000 customers from May 2023 when SpaceX was believed to have around 120,000 customers in the country.

At a minimum monthly fee of AUD139, this means that Starlink is raking in around AUD27.8 million every month or AUD333.6 million a year.

Plus, most of those newly minted customers likely came over from government-backed NBN, with its Sky Muster plan bleeding subscribers ever since Starlink was introduced.

As a result, Australia remains one of Starlink’s most important markets, largely due to the comparatively higher prices it charges in the country.

Starlink’s dominance is further strengthened through partnerships with the likes of Telstra and introduction of new options such as rentals.

And due to Australia’s sheer size, it’s not to be expected that fiber will be a viable option for those residing in rural areas anytime soon.

Alongside the 200K customer announcement, Starlink also disclosed the introduction of its newest antenna and router.

The Gen3/REV4 antenna and router were launched in the US back in November 2023, with Australia now being the second market.

Just navigate to Starlink’s Australia website and enter your address, which will redirect you to the following order page:

Interestingly, the previous antenna, now called Standard Actuated, is not available for purchase anymore.

While the newest antenna and router do provide stronger download speeds and signal range, they also consume more power, which is a particularly sensitive topic for travelers / Roam subscribers.

In New Zealand, where Starlink is currently testing a deprioritized plan, the new antenna is yet to be introduced.

The same goes for the rest of the world. However, in Europe, Starlink is also heavily discounting the Standard Actuated set, so it appears that existing stock is being cleared to make room for the new antenna.

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