Starlink Launches in Cyprus

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Starlink, via its Twitter account, just announced that it launched in Cyprus. 🇨🇾

The Cyprus launch marks Starlink’s 59th market, following recent launches in Trinidad & Tobago, Mozambique, Panama, and more.

In 2023 alone, Starlink has been introduced in 12 new countries, thus getting rapidly closer to its ambition of worldwide internet coverage.

The Residential package, Starlink’s most commonly adopted plan, is priced at EUR 72 (~ US$ 80.75) per month, which is slightly above average prices in Europe.

Additionally, subscribers pay a one-time hardware fee of EUR 450 (~ US$ 505), plus shipment and handling fees of EUR (~ US$27).

Make sure to check our global price list for an updated version of all the countries Starlink is available in as well as how much it charges in each of those locations.

Interestingly, only the southern parts of the country, are currently available.

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The rest, much like Turkey, is set to be whitelisted sometime in 2024. Before today’s launch, Starlink remained one of the last European countries to not allow Starlink to operate.

It’s unclear at this point why it took so long for Cyprus to become available. No public battles, unlike in India or South Africa, have been taking place.

While Cyprus only boasts a population of around 1.44 million, it is a highly popular destination among travelers and sailors – the latter of who will gain another on-shore location to keep using Starlink.

With that said, internet connectivity in Cyprus is fairly sophisticated. Average internet speeds are reported to equal around 70 Mbps (download) – a figure Starlink should handsomely beat.

In the coming months and throughout 2023, we can expect some more exciting launches, including in Costa Rica, Oman, South Korea, and a few more.

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  1. Obviously the fact that the service is only available for the southern part of Cyprus has to do with the fact that the northern part is under occupation by Turkey. Since Turkey does not allow Starlink to operate there, they do not allow it in the north part of Cyprus either as it is under Turkey’s direct influence. Myself, being de facto in the southern part, I can’t wait to try the service! I have a lot of customers they lined up for it as well.


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