How To Cancel Starlink: Step By Step Guide (2024)

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Don’t feel like using Starlink anymore? I got you covered.

In the following article, I will detail how to cancel Starlink and return your Kit as well as things to consider when canceling.

Can You Cancel Starlink Anytime?

To make a long story short: yes, you can cancel Starlink at any given time. In fact, this is one of Starlink’s biggest advantages compared to services like HughesNet.

With that said, there are a few caveats to consider. First, you’ll only receive a refund on the hardware fees if you cancel within 30 days of receiving it.

Furthermore, to avoid being billed for the following month of service you must cancel your plan prior to your invoice statement being generated. Any outstanding fees have to be paid first.

If you have rented a Starlink Kit, you must return your Starlink Kit in good condition within 30 days of cancellation or you will be charged the full retail price of the Kit.

Should you have rented a Kit, then you are not entitled to any hardware refunds since you haven’t paid them, to begin with.

Starlink also reserves the right to terminate the contract by itself should you violate its service terms, which, among others, you can find in its Acceptable Use Policy.

All of the information stated in this article is only applicable to those who bought their Kit directly from Starlink.

If you purchased it from a licensed retailer or reseller, such as Best Buy, then you have to deal with said third party.

Lastly, the process is only applicable to those using the standard rectangular dish. Meanwhile, the Gen1 rounded dishy cannot be returned as it has exceeded its warranty already.

Is There A Cancellation Fee For Starlink?

No, Starlink does not charge any cancellation fee. If you return the hardware in good condition, then you should receive a full refund minus shipment and handling fees.

The refund itself should be issued once Starlink receives the Kit and has successfully inspected it. That process should normally take less than a month.

How To Cancel & Return Starlink

The process of canceling and returning a Starlink Kit is fairly straightforward. Right now, it can only be executed using the account portal in the browser (and thus not the mobile app).

Cancel Your Starlink

To cancel, first, navigate to and log into your account on the right-hand side. There, you will see a list of all used devices (under ‘YOUR STARLINKS’) and your previous orders.

Click on MANAGE

Proceed to click on the MANAGE button, which redirects you to a page displaying data usage, active devices, and more.

Subsequently, click on CANCEL SERVICE located on the left side of your screen (pictured below).


You will then be presented with a pop-up window that asks you to CONFIRM whether you truly want to cancel the subscription.

Reactivation, as Starlink states in the text box, is not guaranteed. This may be relevant for those living in areas with limited capacity, namely in the United States and parts of Canada.

You will then be redirected to the previous page, which shows how long you can keep using your Starlink Kit.

Remaining usage

So, now that we’ve successfully canceled our subscription, it’s time to return the kit.

Return Your Starlink

The first step in returning your Starlink Kit is to stow the dish. For this to work, Starlink needs to be connected to electricity.

Furthermore, you can stow your dish either by being connected to the Starlink network or by accessing it remotely via another internet connection.

To stow your Starlink dish, open the mobile app and select SETTINGS (#1). This will move you to Starlink’s router settings from where you select STARLINK (#2).

Lastly, at the bottom, move the slider to the right, which will then stow your dish (# 3). Your antenna should now look something like this:

stowed starlink
Starlink is stowed

Now that we’ve successfully stowed our dishy, it’s time to disassemble all the hardware pieces. Don’t apply too much force to not break any of the cables.

Additionally, make sure to clean all pieces in the Kit with a piece of paper. After all, you don’t want unnecessarily minimize your chances of not receiving a refund.

Once disassembled, it’s time to put the hardware back into the original Starlink box, which you hopefully kept (it’s not necessary for a return but makes packing so much easier).

The first, and frankly most tedious, step is to roll up and put in the 50 ft cable, followed by the power cable.

starlink cables in box
Cables in box first

Next comes the router, with the logo facing you.

starlink router
Next, the router

Cover the cables and router with the instruction manual.

Instruction manual
Instruction manual

Now it’s time to put down the antenna. The mast should not be higher than the edges of the box to allow for the closing of the box.

starlink antenna

The antenna is further protected by the X-shaped cardboard on which you’ll place the metal antenna base.

starlink base

Wrap up by placing the remaining cardboard on top of the hardware and simply close the box after.

closed starlink box
Closed box

The shipping label, which you need to stick on the box (make sure to cover up the previous shipping label), is then sent to your account’s registered email.

It may take a few hours for the shipping label to be sent, so don’t freak out if it isn’t right in your inbox. If you haven’t received the label after 2 – 3 hours, then get in touch with Starlink support.  

Simply drop off the package at whatever carrier Starlink has instructed you to go to (mine was DHL, for US citizens it’ll be FedEx).

Starlink, should anything be wrong with your return package, will get in touch with you via email or the support chat.

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  1. Please want to know how I can remove account from Starlink to be non active with no account on it but new account will be created instead when going to be used by a different person

  2. Hi, I would appreciate it if you could answer, Let’s say I decided to cancel my service before my next billing cycle, and then after a month or two I decided to resume the service. Does Starlink charge my account for anything? Thanks!

    • Hi Anton, not if cancelled prior to the new billing cycle. However, you need to be subscribed to Roam to be able to pause service. Residential users cannot pause.

    • Hi Olson, need to live in the US as this is the only market where Gen3 is available. If that’s the case, simply order on Starlink’s homepage or add a dish in the account section.


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