Starlink Introduces Cheaper Plans In Europe

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Starlink just unveiled a new and heavily discounted plan in selected European countries.

The service plan, called Deprioritized, only costs EUR29 (~ USD 31.80) per month and is currently available in Italy as well as Spain.

A little over two weeks ago, Starlink first unveiled the Deprioritized option in New Zealand, which tends to serve as a testbed for new tech consumer products and pricing plans.

While no official confirmation has been given about other European countries, it is to be expected that the Deprioritized plan will roll out across most of Europe.

After all, demand for Starlink’s services in Europe simply isn’t as high as in the United States or Australia, largely due to the wide availability of fiber across many countries.

Starlink has tried to incentivize consumers to make the switch by repeatedly discounting prices (see here and here) and introducing additional contractional options such as rentals.

Those located in the US and other markets where Starlink tends to run at capacity in certain locations shouldn’t hold out for a cheaper plan becoming available, though.

Coming back to the Deprioritized plan, subscribers can expect the same prioritization as those who opted into Roam.

This means that folks subscribed to Standard (also called Residential) will experience greater speeds.

Starlink claims on its order page that Deprioritized customers can expect download speeds of 50-100 Mbps (as compared to 130-255 Mbps for the Standard service plan).

That said, since adoption in Europe continues to be low, it could be possible that download speeds exceed 100 Mbps, especially if one lives in an area where not a lot of other terminals are accessing the internet at the same time.

Whether the new Deprioritized plan ultimately makes a dent in Europe remains to be seen, especially considering the relatively high upfront cost for the hardware.

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  1. Iā€™m still waiting for Gen 3 availability before I sign up. Does anyone know about the roll out in different countries?

  2. We are a volunteers from the USA trying to buy a Starlink here in Brasil. We have tried their website for now going on two months but it never worked. We have contacted Starlink customer service which came out to be useless. We have reached out to some of the local resellers, still nothings going our way. We only have three before we return to the USA. If we can purchase the equipment from your country, we will handle the shipping cost. These villages only communication with families is 20 miles away. If you have another alternative, we would appreciate your assistance.
    Thank you.
    Global Travel Brazil LLC


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