How To Reset The Starlink Router (2024)

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Despite paying hundreds of dollars for technology, it doesn’t always perform like we want it to.

Starlink is no exception to that rule, which means that you may need to perform a factory reset of the system from time to time.

In the following article, we will detail how to factory reset and reboot all three versions of the Starlink hardware kit (regular standard rectangular, high performance rectangular, and regular circular) and when a factory reset may even be necessary.

How To Factory Reset Your Starlink Router

Luckily, resetting your Starlink router is as simple as it gets and the whole process just takes four steps.

Keep in mind that the following tutorial explains factory resets for the hardware kits containing the standard rectangular and high performance antenna, respectively. I’ll cover the circular dish in the next section below.

Since you’re using Starlink’s mobile app, make sure that you’re connected to the internet, whether that’s through Starlink, another Wi-Fi network, or cellular, when performing the below-mentioned steps.

Here’s how you factory-reset your Starlink router: first, open the Starlink app and click on SETTINGS (right below SPEED TEST).

By default, you will land on your router’s settings. Scroll down and you will already find the option to FACTORY RESET, which is what you should select.


With that said, simply swipe the slider stating SLIDE TO FACTORY RESET to the right.

starlink factory reset
slide to the right

You’ll then be asked whether you want to factory reset your router, which you confirm by clicking on OK.

Now, you need to perform a power-cycle sequence by unplugging the power cable, located on the right-hand side, at least 6 times.

Don’t be surprised if the power cable is somewhat difficult to remove since it uses rubber to remain fixated to the router.

As a result, simply plugging it in and unplugging without a break in between should be sufficient.

Once you performed the manual power cycle, make sure to open the Starlink app again where you’ll find the following screen.

app home screen after reset
app home screen after reset

You’ll see at the top of the screenshot that you’re currently disconnected. To change that, click on CONNECT TO STARLINK WIFI below the image of your router and dishy.

This will redirect you to your phone’s Wi-Fi settings where you need to click the STARLINK network.

If you receive an error message, then make sure to delete the connection first. On the iPhone, you can do that by clicking on the info button on the right-hand side and select ‘Forget This Network’.

Meanwhile, Android users simply tap and hold on the network they want to forget and select the option once it appears on screen.

Once you’re connected to the STARLINK network, return to the app where you’ll find the following screen.

app screen after connected to Wi-Fi
app screen after connected to Wi-Fi

Click on ROUTER NOT CONFIGURED, which redirects you to a screen allowing you to set up a new NETWORK NAME and PASSWORD. Click on SUBMIT when you’ve entered both.

starlink configure network
configure network & password

Once you did that, you will see a window displaying the network name and password you just assigned. Now click on OPEN SETTINGS to access your phone’s Wi-Fi settings.

open settings to connect to the network you’ve created

From there, select the corresponding Wi-Fi connection (Viktor-Starlink in my case) and type in the previously created password.

And that’s it – you’ve now successfully reset your Starlink router to its default factory settings.

Keep in mind that the antenna will need around 15 minutes to properly calibrate

Factory Reset Original Standard Circular Dishy

Conducting a factory reset on the original circular dish is even simpler.

Just press the button located on the bottom of the router until the little light next to it turns blue. Then release your finger.

All you need to do is wait a few seconds until it boots up again.

Once again, you will have the option to connect to the default STARLINK or STINKY network and set up your own name and password after.

Factory Reset Starlink Mesh Router

The mesh node reset is fairly similar to the standard rectangular kit. Here are all steps you need to follow:

  1. Power cycle the mesh rode six times by unplugging the power cable and inserting it back in.
  2. Wait a few seconds for the mesh node to reboot.
  3. Connect to your main router’s Wi-Fi network. Ignore the default STARLINK or STINKY option that pops up after the factory reset.
  4. Open the official Starlink app.
  5. Once you’ve waited 1 – 2 minutes, the app will display the option to ‘PAIR MESH NODE’, which you have to select.

Your mesh router is now properly reset and can be used again.  

Why Would You Need To Factory Reset Your Router?

There are a few reasons why a router reset may be advisable. First of all, you may face technical issues that affect your ability to connect to the internet.

Conducting factory resets is often recommended to rule out any software-related issues, which may arise due to firmware updates and so forth.

Second, it is also recommended to factory reset your hardware when you decide to sell your kit and transfer ownership to someone else.

Third, if you want to disable Bypass mode, which allows users to deactivate wireless functionality, then a factory reset needs to be performed, too.

Fourth, router factory resets are also assumed to increase your performance (i.e., download and upload speeds) as a result of clearing cache.

Lastly, if you forgot your Wi-Fi password, then a factory reset is your only option as well.

How To Reboot Starlink

If you do not face any of the above problems, then a simple rebooting of the system may suffice.

You can reboot both your dishy and router either through the app or manually by pulling any of your cables.

Option 1: The App

Just like with the factory reset, click on the SETTINGS tab in the home screen.

If you wish to reboot the router, simply drag the slider below REBOOT ROUTER to the right.

Give the router some time to perform the reboot. After about a minute, go back into your settings and click on your Wi-Fi network, which will automatically connect you to the internet.

Similarly, rebooting your antenna is just one more click away. Instead of selecting ROUTER, click on the STARLINK moniker located next to it.

reboot starlink dish
reboot Starlink antenna

From there, simply slide the corresponding button to the right (picture above) and wait about a minute for your antenna to reboot.

Again, you’ll have to wait around 15 minutes for network performance to stabilize by letting dishy calibrate.

Option 2: Pulling The Plug

Go to where your router is located and unplug the AC power cable. Again, wait for a few minutes and plug it back in again.

Your dish and router will reboot. At times, your dishy might even move as it reconnects to the nearest satellite above it (a similar movement might occur when rebooting through the app).

Alternatively, you could also unplug the 50 ft cable from your antenna. However, I’d recommend doing it with the router as the antenna cable doesn’t always plug back in perfectly and has a habit of loosening.

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  1. Is there any way to disable the automatic reset? I have starlink in an area where we get a lot of brown outs, and it’s very remote. It’s on a UPS battery, but if the battery dies and we get 6 brown outs in a row, it factory resets the Starlink again and I have to drive a long way to fix it. I just want to lock out the auto reset.

  2. Do I need to unplug the power cable at the router or can I do it at the wall outlet?
    I even put a power switch in between but I don’t manage to reset the router to factory default – it keeps its WLAN settings. I would like to change the routers ip and to make it a simple gateway within my lan, without dhcp server or anything else.
    I can’t even turn on the bypass mode – no matter how often I operate the power switch…
    Any help appreciated.



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