Starlink Announces Price Changes In The United States

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Starlink just announced price changes across a variety of different plans, which sent shockwaves across the entire community.

I’m going to break down exactly who’s affected and how much you will have to pay going forward.

New Prices for Residential & RV Subscribers

On February 22nd, Starlink sent out an email highlighting price changes for customers subscribed to its Residential and RV internet plans.

starlink price change united states

The new prices will go into effect on April 24th, 2023, and only affect customers located in the United States. Subscribers located outside the US are unaffected for now. Keep in mind that only those who were affected received an email.

For customers on the Residential plan, these are the new monthly prices post that date:

  • Located in limited capacity area: $120/month
  • Located in excess capacity area: $90/month

RV customers located in limited capacity areas will have to pay $150 per month, up from the $135/month they had to pay prior.

Prices will remain the same for those located in excess-capacity areas. It is unclear at this point whether the RV price is based on where your registered service address is or where you are physically located.

Those who don’t want to pay more can return their hardware at no cost (if they’re within their 30-day trial period) or receive a partial refund of $250 if they purchased the kit within the last 12 months.

This is the second time that Starlink has hiked prices for subscribers in the United States. Back in March 2022, it upped the monthly price from $99 to $110, citing inflation.

What Is a Limited Capacity Area?

A limited (or low) capacity area only offers limited bandwidth, which often leads to lower download and upload speeds. In essence, demand far outstrips available bandwidth.


Starlink displays areas of low capacity within its availability map. Simply type in your address in the search bar down below to confirm whether you are located in a limited capacity area.

It has to be noted that those areas aren’t fixed. Overall network capacity increases as Starlink launches more and more satellites into low-earth orbit while continuing to build new gateways.

And since over 80 percent of all Starlink customers are located in the United States, it doesn’t come as a surprise that there are still vast areas of land that can only offer limited capacity.

Portability Plan Removed

In other news, Starlink also decided to get rid of the Portability plan, which you can read about in more detail here. Again, only users located in the United States are affected.

Starlink recommends that those who are affected should switch to the RV option, which will cost $150 per month for those in limited capacity areas.  

What Subscribers Are Thinking

Your opinion on the price change is certainly dependent on whether you will end up paying more or less.

In the past, some subscribers have complained that speeds diminished likely due to Starlink having oversold capacity. The FCC even denied Starlink almost $900 million in grants due to the speed issues some users have faced.

Interestingly, many users on Reddit and Facebook stated that they would remain with Starlink, even if they now end up paying more. They either claim to not have another option to begin with or existing ones, like Viasat, still being substantially worse.

With the price hike and full/partial refund, Starlink likely aims to incentivize users in areas with other options, such as 5G, to switch and free up bandwidth for those who truly need it.

With that being said, were you one of the lucky or unlucky ones? And do you plan to stay subscribed even though you will pay more?

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