How To Transfer Ownership Of Your Starlink Account (2024)

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Starlink, for the longest time, halted account transfer requests to alleviate the stress on its customer support team.

Luckily, as of February 15th, 2023, self-service transfers have finally been enabled.

In the following article, I’ll detail how you can purchase and sell used hardware, how to fix the Invalid Device ID error, and what to consider when exchanging used hardware.

What To Consider

There are a few aspects to keep in mind when transferring your kit to another person. First and foremost, Starlink does not take any responsibility for the condition of hardware sold or transferred by another party.

This means that it is on you to ensure that the person you are buying from actually delivers on their promise.

Your responsibility also entails ensuring that the location you sign up in isn’t in a congested cell and that Starlink actually serves your area. You can check Starlink’s availability here.

Second, you need to cancel your existing service and pay all outstanding bills before being able to transfer a device.

Third, you would want to provide a so-called Starlink Identifier, which is a number unique to each device, to the person that purchases your hardware.

Here are three options you can get the Identifier from:

  • Dish Serial Number: Located on the bottom of the Starlink mast (e.g., 2ABC000000000000)
  • Kit Serial Number: Located on the Starlink Kit shipping label (e.g., KIT00000000)
starlink kit serial number
  • Terminal ID: Located in the Starlink app under ‘Settings’ –> ‘Advanced’ –> ‘STARLINK’ section –> ‘ID’ (use the number without the ‘ut’ in front, such as 2XYZ000000000000)

Fourth, only new accounts can use transferred hardware (existing emails cannot be used again). If you were signed up to Starlink before, then you need to stick to your existing hardware set.

Fifth, the warranty period of the transferred hardware does not reset with the ownership change.

Instead, it remains valid from the date of the original purchase from Starlink or its group of authorized resellers (mostly relevant for B2B customers on plans like Business).

Sixth, account transfer are not available until 120 days after you purchased your Starlink Kit, or 90 days after you activated your Starlink Kit, whichever comes first.

You can learn more about Starlink’s warranty guidelines here.

How To Purchase A Used Starlink Kit

Buying a used Starlink kit doesn’t differ much from the regular purchasing procedure.

First, navigate to Starlink’s website where you enter your address in the search bar below. Once you found it, simply click on ‘Order Now’.

Make sure that you order from the page of the internet plan (e.g., Residential or Roam) that you intend to subscribe to as Starlink automatically redirects you to said order page.

Once you’re on the order page, you will see all kinds of boxes that need to be filled out. On the right side, under the ‘Hardware’ selection, you have the option to click on ‘I already have my Starlink’ (marked with green check mark below).

A text box will appear, which asks you to type in your Device ID or Terminal ID – either of which is fine.

If said check box does not appear, then this means that your area is currently at capacity.

Therefore, you won’t be able to purchase used hardware and will have to wait until Starlink’s overall bandwidth capacity increases.

Once you entered the required ID, simply enter all the remaining information (e.g., address, payment data, etc.) and click on ‘Place Order’.

How To Sell A Used Starlink

Luckily, the kind folks at SpaceX made it fairly straightforward to transfer your account to another user. Here’s how it works.

First, you navigate to Starlink’s website and log into your account. Then, click on ‘Your Starlinks’ and choose ‘Manage’ next to the Starlink you would like to transfer.

You will then be presented with your Device ID, which you should note down. Every piece of hardware you receive has a unique identifier that is specifically assigned to your account. 

After noting down your Device ID, navigate to the ‘Devices’ section where you find an overview of all the hardware connected to your account.

starlink transfer ownership

Then you need to click on ‘Transfer’ and confirm the Terms & Conditions presented in the upcoming window. Now, your Starlink device is permanently removed from your account.

You then need to factory reset your router to its original settings. Once that’s done, simply hand over your kit to the user to whom you transferred it.

How Long Does It Take Until An Account Is Transferred?

Starlink claims that account transfers take effect immediately, meaning once both the existing and new owners complete the above-mentioned steps.

With that being said, the speed of an account transfer is ultimately dependent on the two parties who exchange the hardware with each other.

Since the new recipient will be billed upon activation, he or she would want to ensure that the hardware is being handed over as soon as possible.  

Can I Stop Account Transfers?

Sellers can’t reverse account transfers. Once you followed through with the above-mentioned steps, there’s no possibility to use that hardware again.

However, should the buyer of your existing hardware get cold feet, then you can simply sell it to another person.

How To Fix The Invalid Device ID Error

Some users, as seen in the comments below, have reported that they receive an ‘Invalid Device ID’ error.

First of all, if you receive this error message, make sure that your Starlink Identifier (i.e., Dish Serial Number or Terminal ID) has been entered correctly.

If either of those numbers don’t work, then Starlink recommends that you fill out this form, which will automatically be forwarded to its customer support team.  

The form will ask you to attach pictures of Dish Serial Number and Terminal ID, who you purchased the hardware from (authorized reseller vs. previous subscriber), and add your contact information.

Customer support will then get in touch with you either via the phone number or email address you’ve provided.

Wrapping Up

I am particularly eager to see how the new self-service feature will affect Starlink’s customer support woes and whether new service requests are now answered faster.

In any case, being able to conduct account transfers on your own should be a net positive for those who need the service as they can possibly get their hands on the hardware much faster.

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    • Dear Matthew, We are buying a motor yacht with a Starlink device with a contact for only land use. We would like to keep it and transfer the contract to the new owner with a maritime use contract. Please inform me how this could perform, I already dispose with the serial number and the P/N. Thank you in advance for your prompt reply!

    • Hi this is a message for Viktor : I bought a used kit and we did the transfer of ownership. Except issues wih credit card for no reason during hours, everything worked fine BUT, for some reasons ( no electricity on my Land for many upcoming months) I decided to sell the kit and transfer the ownership…not possible : “you didnt use your kit long enough so transfer is not available, try later”

      • Hi Yan, yes, Starlink recently changed the transfer rules and you can only transfer after 90 or 120 days, respectively (check point 6 under What To Consider).

  1. I am 80 years old and I need your high speed service. I want to convert my ROAM UNIT to residential so maybe it will stop fading out at night. why should I have to pay more for less doesn’t make sense.

  2. If I’m on the receiving end of a transfer, how do I go about signing up for Starlink without purchasing new equipment? There doesn’t seem to be an option for that on the Starlink website.

  3. Hi
    I am the new owner from 3rd party purchase, I did bought starlink hardware and mast via eBay. previous owner says he did transfer and it was successful and now I can’t create account on starlink, because I gets error message when I input my starlink number : Device already assigned. previous client says he don’t haver access anymore to the account because I requested for his login details which he refuse, Please what should I do ?
    thanks and awaits your reply

  4. Hi Victor,
    I currently have Roam service which I purchased because I was wait listed. Now after 2+ years I got the notice that my Residential order is now available. They won’t switch Roam to Residential, but could I cancel the waitlist order I just got, then cancel my roam service and transfer the equipment to myself using the method you describe above? Is there any reason this wouldn’t work?

  5. Hello, we are buying a new primary home and the seller is including the Starlink equipment they’re using. We are also using Starlink at our second home and plan to keep that service too. Could please clarify if your 4th point under “What to Consider” (pasted below) applies to this scenario? Will using a different email address for the 2nd account avoid any issues? Thanks!!!

    Fourth, only new accounts can use transferred hardware (existing emails cannot be used again). If you were signed up to Starlink before, then you need to stick to your existing hardware set.)

  6. @ Victor Hendlemann this is very informative. I think the thread has answered my question but I would like to confirm. I am an existing Starlink residential customer. My router quit working. I am waiting for a new one from customer support. I purchased a router in the interim from a 3rd party on Amazon. I thought I could swap them out but it won’t connect to my account. It appears the only option to add equipment is if I sign up for a new account?

    Question 2: if I buy the starlink roam kit as a back up in case this happens again do I need to use a different email?

    I work at home and live in a rural area. There are no local options other than using my phone as a hot spot. Internet is vital to keeping my employment. I love starlink but definitely not lots of options in getting up and running if something goes wrong. Thank you for your time and expertise

  7. Such a great article! Thanks so much.
    I have an additional question however. I am selling my Starlink with my home. My home is in a waitlist area for a new customers. If I follow the directions on how to transfer an account, will the new owner be placed on a waitlist or will they be able to assume use of my account immediately?
    Thanks so much for your help!

  8. Can you clarify whether you can cancel service, while trying to sell the equipment and then still transfer it when the equipment is sold? I don’t want to keep paying for service that I’m not using.

  9. I think this transfer would probably work if you were changing continents and wanted to transfer existing kit to yourself, I would assume you would need to setup a new account with a different email address for the new continent.
    Has anyone done this? I wonder if the process is reversible once you’ve cancelled the service, that is if the new continent account fails to accept the Starlink kit you can add it back to your original account.

    • Good question & not 100% sure myself. However, I’d just create a new account in the continent you’re moving to. Starlink is often cheaper outside the US, so you’ll likely end up saving money.

  10. i buy a starlink set from a third party ,account is inactive, i enter all of the above information for new account ,but still am not able to get it reactivated, what am i doing wrong?

  11. Hello, I purchased multiple starlink to donate. And for the first month, I will be paying for their subscription. Can I transfer the starlink devices to the new users remotely from a different location? Thank you.

    • Hi Ianne, Starlink will allocate the donation based on the broad category you’ve selected. Here’s what their FAQ says:

      “You may select a cause from one of the following categories: education, telehealth, emergency response or humanitarian efforts. The Starlink team will make their best effort to allocate your contribution to a community or organization related to the cause you selected. However, this is not guaranteed. At Starlink’s discretion, the team may allocate your contribution to one of the other listed categories based on factors such as need or volume. Starlink may also use your donation to extend or continue services for communities or organizations in need that are already using Starlink.”

  12. Hi,
    I’ve bought a property & previous owner left her Starlink dish etc
    I want to sign up/open account in my name.
    How do I do that? Too many confusing websites to understand how to start the process.
    is my new address enough info to sign up as that is where the previous
    account was linked to or do I need P/N, S/N numbers?

  13. Hello
    I got a Starlink kit in Iran from illegal sources, it has a kit number, but it has an active account. Please, I need to have an account to set it up. I can’t activate it
    I live in Iran

  14. We acquired a home in Ventura County California that has an active Starlink account. We need to transfer the account to us, but being in a remote area, we rely on Starlink for the cell service. Therefore, cancelling the previous homeowners account will eliminate the cell service needed to work with the app. What would be the process for this particular transfer?

    • Hi Skeeter,

      tricky one indeed. One option would be to temporarily switch to Roam and take your dish to a location where you have cell service. Just make sure that your current home address still has sufficient Residential capacity (you can do some by typing in your address under the Residential section of Starlink’s website and checking whether it is currently being offered).

  15. Hi,

    Is it possible to transfer ownership to a busines whilst retaining the residential plan? We bought the Starlink personally, and pay for it personally as we wanted to make sure it would cope with our old farmhouse, which is does fantastically.
    So now we want to cancel our abysmal BT broadband, which the business pays for, and transfer the account for Starlink under the business name so that we can also reclaim the VAT. The business does not require the speed etc of the ‘business plan’, the residential one is sufficient. The business is run from where the starlink is installed, so it is purely transferring the ownership.

    Thank you

  16. My roommate suddenly passed away and I want to transfer the account to my name but I do not my old roommates account number, password or access to his email.
    I’m confused and a bit freaked out because we need internet.
    Can you suggest any solutions?

  17. Hey Viktor,
    I purchased a starlink in the states and brought it to the Bahamas. I tried to hook it up and it told me this was not the location I signed up for. When I purchased it I had it shipped to my FL residence. I have since canceled my subscription so I could create a new account and it still doesn’t work. Says the device is still in use. I then tried to transfer the unit out of my account and it says I haven’t been a subscriber long enough to transfer. Any suggestions? I’ve tried the customer service route but keep going in circles with them. Thank you.

    • Hi Travis, unfortunately, Starlink kits cannot be transferred 120 days after you purchased your Starlink Kit, or 90 days after you activated your Starlink Kit, whichever comes first. Also, you can’t transfer a kit to a different country, so a US to Bahamas transfer isn’t possible.

      Are you still within the 30-day return window?

  18. Hello Viktor

    Thanks for the great information.
    I am extending my network and had considered buying a Starlink Mesh router vice an aftermarket mesh system or extender. I have heard that the Mesh router can possibly be used as a main router in event of a main router failure. It occurred to me that there are a few used complete systems available on marketplace, for less than a new Mesh router from Starlink.
    Do you know if a used main router from another system can be introduced into an existing system as a Mesh router, or swapped in as a main router in case of a failure? Or does the equipment/owner exclusivity extend to the router also?


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