How To Contact Starlink Support: Detailed Walkthrough (2024)

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Stuck on finding Starlink’s customer support portal or simply fed up with waiting too long for your response?

In this article, I am going to walk you through how to contact Starlink via the app and browser, check the status of your support ticket, and alternative ways of getting in touch.

How To Contact Starlink Via Mobile App 

You can contact Starlink’s customer support team in two different ways, namely via its mobile app or within your browser.

In this section, I am going to show you how to do that within the mobile app. First, open the Starlink app and then select SUPPORT (#1).

starlink contact support app
#1: select support

You will then be presented with the selection of categories and questions commonly asked by users. Consequently, you need to pick whatever category is applicable to you.

For the sake of this demonstration, let’s assume that we received a damaged antenna, which would a replacement.

In this case, you’d click on SETUP & INSTALL (#2) and then select DAMAGE (#3). Lastly, pick MY HARDWARE IS DAMAGED (#4).

By default, Starlink presents you with the standard answer for that particular issue. In some cases, that information may be sufficient to resolve whatever issue you’re facing.

Assuming it’s not, you have to click on the hand pointing its thumb downwards, pictured below “Did this answer your question?” (#5).

#5: select thumbs down

This redirects you to the page that allows you to message Starlink. In order to SUBMIT a message, you need to add a title, description, and one or multiple photos (#6).

#6: include all necessary info

Make sure to be as detailed as possible when describing your issue. Customer support agents oftentimes have to hit hourly quotas, which means they don’t have the time it often requires to understand ambiguous problem descriptions.

How To Contact Starlink Through Your Browser

Another option to contact Starlink’s support team is via a browser such as Chrome, Firefox, Brave, Edge, or Opera.

To do that, log into your account through the following link by entering your username and password.

Starlink account portal
#7: Starlink account portal

This will redirect you to Starlink’s account portal (#7, pictured above) where you can manage your subscription, purchase additional products in Starlink’s shop, or contact support.

From there, you click on SUPPORT located at the top of your screen. Again, the page shows all possible support questions a subscriber could have (#8).

#8: Starlink support page

We’ll stick to the same example, which means you click on SETUP & INSTALL, DAMAGE, and then MY HARDWARE IS DAMAGED.

Once again, you need to click on the thumbs-down sign located at the bottom of your screen (#9).

#9: click on thumbs down icon

This leads to a pop-up window that asks you if you actually want to get in touch with support. If that’s the case, then click on CONTACT SUPPORT (#10).

#10: select to contact support

Yet another pop-up window appears, offering you the option to switch to the app (where you’d follow the same process I outlined in the previous chapter) or CONTINUE ON WEB – the option you should pick (#11).

#11: continue on the web

Once again, enter all required information. An additional feature that isn’t present in the app at this point in time is the option to link your support message to an order (#12).

#12: enter all required information

Make sure to click on YES and select the product in question (granted your question is related to a previous order) as it will speed up the handling of your request.

How To Check The Status Of Your Support Ticket

Checking on the status of your support ticket can be done both within the app and in the browser. In the app, click on SUPPORT on the home screen.

Once again, you’ll be redirected to the overview of questions. This time, you need to click on the letter sign located in the top-right corner of your phone screen (#13).

#13: check ticket status (app)

Consequently, you’ll be presented with all of your ongoing support tickets. Simply click on the one that’s relevant and you’ll find all the messages that you and the customer support agent have exchanged.

Similarly, in the browser and after clicking on SUPPORT as well, you can check on your tickets by clicking on ALL MESSAGES on the left-hand side (#14).

#14: check ticket status (browser)

Lastly, Starlink also sends you a notification to your registered email whenever there’s an update to a service request. So, make sure to regularly check your email’s main inbox as well as your spam folder for updates.  

Does Starlink Have Phone Service?

No, Starlink does not have a phone service that you can call. As such, your best bet remains to contact Starlink via the app or browser.

And before you get confused: some people, when searching for Starlink’s contact data, are presented with the following number as the first result: 1-855-753-2495.

However, this number does not belong to SpaceX or Starlink. Instead, it is the customer care number of Subaru’s namesake infotainment software and is thus not associated with SpaceX.

That said, there are four possible alternatives, which may or may not work and are dependent on your country of residence.

The first one is to email Starlink under (as found in its Complaints Code of Practice).

Starlink & SpaceX ask you to add “Consumer Complaint” and your Starlink Account number in the subject of your email. This enables Starlink to automatically route your request to the customer service representative that’s assigned to your location.

Another option, if you’re located in the United Kingdom, is to send a complaint by mail to the following address:

Starlink Internet Services Limited
5th Floor, Beaux Lane House
Mercer Street Lower, Dublin 2 D02 DH60

Again, include “Consumer Complaint” and your Starlink Account number in the subject of your letter.

For those residing in Australia, you can mail Starlink at Starlink Internet Services Pte. Ltd. Level 10, 68 Pitt Street Sydney NSW 2000 or call the following number: 1800 954 824.

Unfortunately, mailing Starlink directly when you’re living in the United States or Canada is not possible. Instead, you should stick to the app/browser options or email.

Third, you could also tweet at Starlink, SpaceX, or even Elon Musk who, at times, directly responds to users. However, you’d likely need to get substantial engagement on the post for it to be noticed.

With that said, always feel free to tweet at Starlink Insider – I’d make sure to forward any sensible request.

Fourth, you can also involve third-party regulatory agencies that collect complaints to assess the quality of telco operators.

For example, in the United Kingdom, the Center for Effective Dispute Resolution (CEDR) provides cost-free assistance via its Communication & Internet Services Adjudication scheme.

If you are a residential or small business client who has lodged a complaint eight weeks prior and is still dealing with unresolved issues or has received a Deadlock Notice within the previous year, CEDR is available to provide counsel.

The CEDR can be reached via the following options:

Those located in Australia may contact the Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman (TIO) online or by calling 1800 062 058.

Lastly, if you’re based in Canada, then get in touch with the Commission for Complaints for Telecom-television Services (CCTS).

How Long Does It Take Starlink To Respond To A Ticket?

There is no standard response time when contacting Starlink online. Users have reported a variety of different waiting times, ranging from a few hours to sometimes even weeks.

Starlink, in the above-mentioned Complaints Code of Practice page, claims that it will respond to complaints submitted by postage anywhere between 2 days to 40 days, depending on your location.  

In any case, you should refrain from continuously reaching out to Starlink if you haven’t received an answer to your initial message.

Traditionally, customer service operations assign priority by date, meaning the older your complaint is, the greater its priority to be resolved.

That’s because telco operators risk losing their licenses if they surpass a certain threshold of (long-standing) complaints.

Although never officially confirmed, Starlink’s customer service may reassign the priority of your ticket if you keep on messaging them.

As such, it’s best to remain patient and simply wait for Starlink to get back to you – however long this may take.

Do I Need To Be A Customer To Contact Starlink?

Yes, you do need to be subscribed to one of Starlink’s seven internet plans in order to get in touch with a representative.

As I’ve mentioned before, Starlink remains understaffed when it comes to customer support capabilities, so helping those who are not paying is currently not an option.

However, this blog, subreddits like r/Starlink_Support, and Facebook groups such as ours try to help out as much as possible.

Alternatively, you could also contact one of Starlink’s authorized resellers like Best Buy or Home Depot.

You can find the list of authorized resellers on Starlink’s support page by searching for the term ‘reseller’ in the left-sided box.

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  1. I’m hoping you can answer my question. I do not have a starlink account, and cannot get an answer. Here is my question:
    If I have a Starlink home account, can I unplug it (just pull cord from box) when I’m gone without interrupting my service?
    Thank you, in advance, for your help!

  2. As with Renee, I would need to know what happens when the power goes out also as I am looking into using this for my travel trailer as I am always on the road and my Mofi is not always reliable.

  3. OK so power goes out and starlink stops working. Makes sense.
    Is it true that if it’s off for a certain amount of time the you get charged to have it reconnected?
    Thank you again!

    • Hi Renee, never heard that one before. If an installer or reseller told you that, then please stay clear – they’re likely trying to make you pay for their services.

      Point in case: I turned off my Starlink for over a month before and didn’t have any issues whatsoever booting it up. Plus, with Roam, you can pause service at any given time, so having to pay for setting up your Starlink again would be counterintuitive.

      Hope that helps.

  4. Thank you, so much, that’s what I needed to know.
    We have family cabin, 2 families split time. The other family hooked up starlink and we found they had cameras on our family. So we just unplugged Starlink while we were at the cabin.
    Immediately, they text us to plug back in so they wouldn’t get charged huge fee to reconnect if off for certain period of time. (Camera’s weren’t working)
    Does starlink send message when disconnected?

  5. I have poor internet coverage with “Direct TV.” If we get Starlink and activate it does it automatically replace the other one? I would cancel their service after Starlink was working. It shows we install ourselves. How difficult is it?

    • Hi Mary, I would not cancel your Direct TV package yet. Make sure to test Starlink first as performance is highly dependent on where you live and how you set it up. Luckily, you can test Starlink 30 days free of charge – if it isn’t satisfactory, then simply send it back.

      Regarding installation: super easy. Feel free to check our installation guide if you wonder how to do it:

      Hope it helps!

  6. Hi Viktor,

    Very helpful article, thank you. We are buying a home and the sellers signed up for StarLink over a year ago. They just received the 7 day confirmation email and graciously offered to transfer their spot to us. We aren’t currently customers and it looks like if they “transferred” their spot to us, then StarLink wouldn’t honor the warranty for the equipment since the account is in their name (even though it hasn’t been sent or confirmed). Is there a way for this to work? Thank you for your help.

    • Hi Laura, warranty should be valid a year from receiving the hardware. Has this been the case or did the sellers receive the hardware just 7 days ago?

      • Hi Viktor,
        I am moving and I need to pause my Starlink service. Do you know how I can do that from the app? From the support page it says I need to go to ‘Your Starlink’s’ section on the app to resume so I assumed you pause the service there as well. Unfortunately for me I don’t have any info nor does it open up to anything when I click on ‘your Starlink’s’ tab. It actually says ‘you currently have no locations, add a location to mange’. When I click, it wants me to add a new service, which is Not what I want to do. Any suggestions on how to pause my service for an extended period of time?

  7. Hello. I live on a boat and received my kit in may. The equipment hasn’t worked since may 7th. I have been charged $2000 from my account from something I can’t even use. I’m a ex Australian army soldier and suffer depression. I’m a pensioner and I’m having a nervous breakdown. I have submitted tickets and I instantly receive an answer stating no. Complaint closed. I really need help to recover my stolen funds. I get $800 a fortnight. I can’t even eat. Please help urgently

    • Hi Steele, are you based in Australia? If so, then make sure to call the phone number I’ve listed. They should be faster in responding. Hope that helps & all the best!

  8. Hi, I find it very unusual that Starlink doesn’t have a customer support with an email service.
    We don’t need the Starlink anymore after waiting 2 years for the service but our community is now installing fiber optics at a low price.
    they say they will refund but the credit card that I used was stopped and changed therefore the need to contact them. they address this issue without letting you know who to contact on their side. I find that very strange for a large company. I would love to have the correct email to contact them and let them have my up-to-date info.

    • Hi Vicki, make sure to update your CC info in your account profile – that could help. Otherwise, simply stay patient. I recently received a refund after 3 months of waiting time, so your issue will eventually be attended to.

  9. Hoping you can help, ordered the starlink in Australia, i have received the device, however I can’t get access to my account? I have never received an email or any emails I enter my email and password it says it’s incorrect, I can’t lodge a support ticket because I can’t get access to the account. I can’t reset the password because I don’t have an account number because I didn’t get the confirmation email. I have tried activating with the kit number but it says that it is already linked to an account? I have even tried to password reset to the mobile number and email says it’s sent if it is attached to an account, however nothing comes through via message or email! And yes I have checked the junk and spam
    Files. I have had it a month now and have emailed them with no response from starlink, I can’t use it because I can’t login yet they are charging me monthly subscription fees, I can’t cancel it because I can’t login in? Any suggestions because this is just ridiculous?

  10. Hi Viktor

    I suscribed to a residential Starlink on June 22nd.

    I have been trying to create an account since then but somehow never succeeded.

    The system tells me the account already exists, but when I do “forgot password” and fill in my email address or my phone number I never receive a link to reset.

    I ve sent an email to as mentionned above but no luck yet

    Any insight on where to go next?

    FYI I m in Spain


    • I have the exact same problem I am guessing that my email address had a typo, I received the equipment from StarLink, I have paid now for 2 mo’s service, my internet is working but I cannot set-up my account.
      I joined facebook groups and there was feedback on using a contact via telegram but they asked for a $200 paypal payment, which seemed sketchy.
      I am just trying to get in touch with Starlink to verify & correct my email address have you heard of the support via telegram before?

      I am in Canada

      • Hello Christine, please don’t do that, this sounds sketchy indeed. I would instruct you to tweet at Starlink, explaining your issue. This might accelerate things.

        • Hello Viktor,
          I’m in a similar dilemma as Christine. Signed up and pre-ordered in 2022. Cancelled when it took so long. Ordered online when deal of $199 came up, using a different email/password. Have had it set up and working since May. Receiving eBills. I try to log into the App with new email/password. It won’t recognize them. App still had my old email/password so logged out to put in new – now neither works. What should I try?

          • Hi Cheryl, could you use your old account to log in and contact customer support? Make sure that you mention your new account credentials for support to properly identify you.

  11. No matter which credit card I use to complete my order, I get the message “ unable to authenticate credit card” I checked with each credit card and there are no issues. I need to make payment by 8/29 or my place in line is canceled. Help?

    • Hi Cindy, would suggest to simply contact Starlink then and explain the issue. They should have more information about your account and what the issue exactly is.

      • That would be great if one could get the thumbs down icon to create a ticket, which I do not. I am in the same dilemma and have until 8/29 also. Guess there is a problem with Starlink billing? Is there any other way to contact Starlink?

    • I did find this, send queries to with subject title- Consumer Complaint. The message I sent must have gone through as it did not get returned. I got a text message last evening stating my Starlink order is ready but expires soon. It didn’t resolve the problem. If they get enough emails, maybe that will get their attention. They may not be aware of the problem???

  12. Viktor, Great advice. I am in an area that is currently saturated for residential service. I have signed up and paid the deposit, but was wondering about signi.g up for Roam for now, and then stopping it when residential is available. Advice on how to do this so it happens smoothly? Is it the same antenna? Etc. Thanks

  13. Good luck. I had other service installed before they ever responded to my ticket, and their response was, “Too bad the update killed your service. It helped most people. We’re raising the price”.

    Get a tin can and a string before you get Starlink!

  14. I have the same problem that Sam. I have 7 days to pay my order but it said my credit card failed. I send an email but I didn’t have any response. I just have until September 1, 2023 to do the check out. Why they did t have phone number for customers service. it is frustrating.
    I’m in United States.
    How can I contact them? Could you help me?

    • Hi Viviana, just text CS and wait on a response. Starlink will likely reimburse you for any penalty fees they may apply. Plus, I’d assume that some sort of alert is being triggered once those payments fall through, so your CS request would probably be accelerated.


    App shows i have a request in for service and have paid deposit, BUT…actually DO have service already and you’ve been charging me recurrently.

    Now credit card has changed, but have NO WAY to update service.

    Have also sent TWO letters to Spacex about this with ZERO response.

    Current acct number xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    App will NOT take a support request; online saya something went wrong, try again later. Multiple tries unsuccessful.


    William Domb, DMD

  16. We are on a sailboat in the pacific.
    We turn off the Starlink daily.
    To save power!
    When we turn it on it forgets our
    Name and password!
    We have the address in Colorado
    For the Starlink!
    We have Mobile priority!
    Any ideas to keep the name when unplugged?
    Thank you,


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