Starlink Account Reset: Customers Face Unexpected Disabling and Email Alerts

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Update 15.11.2023: Starlink has acknowledged that accounts were flagged incorrectly (see below screenshot).

Starlink asks users to wait until the end of this week before they create a support ticket. If your account is still disabled, then sign up and file a ticket via the link attached in the email.

Starlink’s customer base is currently grappling with a perplexing issue: a wave of account resets and disabling notifications (see title image above).

This development has sparked intense discussions on platforms like Reddit, where users are sharing their experiences and seeking solutions.

Users report receiving emails about their accounts being reset, with all orders and deposits refunded.

However, many find themselves unable to log in or reset their passwords, leading to a dead end in terms of accessing their accounts or creating support tickets.

What’s The Cause?

The consensus among users is that these resets could be related to an automated fraud detection system recently put in place by Starlink.

This theory aligns with recent concerns about account security, as there have been instances of hackers exploiting Starlink accounts for unauthorized purchases.

Reddit discussions reveal that some users believe the problem is linked to a poorly programmed Starlink bot, erroneously flagging new accounts as fraudulent.

This has left many customers helpless, with no direct method of contacting Starlink for resolution.

How To Possibly Resolve The Issue

One suggested workaround shared by a user is for affected customers to ask a trusted Starlink user to create a support ticket on their behalf.

This workaround, however, is not a guaranteed solution and only highlights the lack of direct support avenues for those locked out of their accounts.

Users trying to resolve the issue have also encountered challenges with Starlink’s customer support system.

A “locked out” form available on Starlink’s website was released as a quick fix, but users are warned that responses may take a while.

starlink account recovery

There are also reports of users feeling uneasy about using third-party forms provided by Starlink for account recovery.

This situation has brought to light not just the technical glitches within Starlink’s system but also the significant gaps in its customer support framework.

As users continue to share their experiences and seek solutions, the need for more efficient and direct support channels from Starlink is clearer than ever.

For now, affected users are left waiting for an official response from Starlink, hoping for a swift and effective resolution to regain access to their accounts and the services they rely on.

11 thoughts on “Starlink Account Reset: Customers Face Unexpected Disabling and Email Alerts”

  1. Hello, I received the same message on Nov 9. On Nov 11 I tried to contact support through the app but could not because the account credentials (email/pwd) were not recognized because of the reset. There was a link I was able to navigate to after many clicks where I uploaded my account information, pictures of the S/N and P/N of the equipment, etc., and a explanation of the problem. After submitting, on Saturday, Nov 11, I have not heard anything back yet. I did also send an email to Startlink/SpaceX, but haven’t heard anything back yet. Today, Nov 14, I went to the Starlink website (not app) and I was able to see my account with a large red banner across the top of the screen saying my service was scheduled to stop on Nov 27 (30 days from when it started – and I did not ask for the service to be discontinued, must be part of the glitch). I was able to click on an option that said “resume service” and it appears as that may have worked as the red banner disappeared and looks like everything is in order. We’ll see, I guess.

      • I was able to get into my account on the web (not the app) even while it was “reset”. It was then when I saw the red banner showing my service was going to end, and a link to click to “resume service”. After I clicked that, the banner went away and seem to correct. Shortly after is when I got emails from Starlink Support saying everything was ok w/ account. They were aware of the disabled account issue.


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