Starlink Launches in El Salvador, Now Live in 50+ Markets

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Written By Viktor

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SpaceX, via its Twitter account, just announced that it would make Starlink available to those residing in the country of El Salvador.

The El Salvador launch means that Starlink is now live in over 50 markets across the world. In the last few weeks, Starlink was first introduced in Haiti and then launched in Ecuador.

In El Salvador, a country inhabiting around 6.3 million people, Starlink will charge $49 per month for its Residential plan, on top of a one-time hardware fee of $499.

Starlink opened up the option to reserve just a few weeks prior, requiring customers to pay $9 for their deposits. More importantly, Starlink could promote economic activity in the country, too.

Many people in El Salvador do not have access to traditional banking services, and Starlink provides a way for them to access online banking and other financial services.

The country, which is one of the poorest even in a region among many battered economies, has long suffered from a lack of reliable internet infrastructure. 

Starlink represents a significant improvement over current internet access in the country, which averages around 15 Mbps and latency of up to 400 milliseconds. And high-speed options are normally substantially more expensive than the $49 Starlink will charge.

Going forward, Starlink will likely continue to expand its footprint in the region. Launches in Panama, The Bahamas, and many other surrounding markets are expected to take place soon.

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