Starlink Introduces V4 Terminal as Exclusive Option in the U.S., Phases Out Older Models

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SpaceX’s satellite internet service, Starlink, has taken a significant step forward by making the V4 terminal the exclusive option for its customers in the United States, phasing out the older “Standard Actuated” dish model.

starlink rev4 order page

Previously, the next-generation V4 terminal was available only to a select group of Starlink customers, including those on roam and business plans and certain residential subscribers.

Now, it has been made accessible to all customer tiers within the U.S., signaling a major shift in Starlink’s hardware strategy.

The introduction of the V4 model also came with a redesign of its order page, which now looks as follows:

Meanwhile, the rest of us folks not living in the US are still greeted with the previous page featuring the V3 Standard Actuated antenna:

The V4 terminal, which lacks the built-in motors found in previous models for automatic alignment, requires manual setup.

Despite this, it has been praised for its ability to deliver consistently higher internet speeds. It also features a Wi-Fi 6 router, which significantly expands wireless coverage within homes, addressing a key need for broader and more reliable connectivity.

In addition to its advanced features, the V4 terminal’s design reflects a shift towards greater durability and portability.

Without the complexity of motorized components, the terminal is less susceptible to mechanical failures, making it a more robust option for the diverse environments Starlink serves.

Furthermore, the V4’s streamlined setup process aligns with SpaceX’s goals to simplify the user experience, making satellite internet more accessible to people without technical expertise.

Despite the discontinuation of the “Standard Actuated” dish in the U.S., SpaceX ensures ongoing support for users of this model, including replacement parts and service continuity.

And, as mentioned in the screenshot above, there’s no official rollout date for the new Standard kit in the rest of the world.

A check for Germany, where I am based, still returns the Standard Actuated order form with no mention of the new REV4 antenna.

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    • Hi Liz, no need to adjust directions. There are now so many satellites that the V4 terminal will always be able to establish a connections, so long it’s view is not blocked by trees, etc.

    • No official notice thus far unfortunately. However, given all the hardware discounts taking place in Europe right now, I’d assume they’re clearing existing stocks and will make it available within the next few months.


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