How To Check Your Starlink Order Status (2024)

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Ordered a Starlink and can’t wait to get your hands on it? Shipments, depending on where you’re based, could take a few weeks.

In this article, I will quickly detail how you can check on the order status of your hardware delivery (both in the browser and on the app), how long waiting times normally are, and other aspects to consider.

How To Check Starlink Order Status In Browser

In order to check on your order status in the browser, you first need to navigate to Starlink’s website. From there, click on the three lines on the right hand side.

From there, you elect to sign into your account. After you click on the ‘SIGN IN’ button, you will be redirected to a page that prompts you to enter your email and password.

Once logged in, you will land on Starlink’s account portal where you have the option to manage your Starlink devices, make subscription payments, and check on the status of your Starlink shipment.

The shipment tracking section can be found in the second box below ‘YOUR STARLINKS’ and is consequently called ‘YOUR ORDERS’.

From there, you can either directly click on the tracking number (left green arrow) or on ‘VIEW’ (right green arrow).

Clicking on the tracking number (left arrow) will redirect you straight to the page of the company responsible for your shipment (DHL in my case). Said page will detail what the status of your shipment is.

Alternatively, you can click on the ‘VIEW’ button to receive an overview of your order and its status.

The page lists valuable information, including your order number (which you can click on again to check on the status) as well as the order status itself.

How To Check Starlink Order Status In Mobile App

Luckily, checking the order status in the mobile app is as much of a breeze as within the browser account portal. First, you need to download Starlink’s mobile app, which is available for both Android and iOS devices.

After opening the app, click on the human icon on the top right corner (marked as green).

This will redirect you to your account page where, among others, you can browse the Starlink show, contact customer support, or check on the status of your shipment.

Simply click on the ‘ORDERS’ page, which then takes you to all the hardware you have ordered in the past. Once again, you just need to click on the tracking number, which automatically redirects you to the page of the shipment provider.

How Long Does Starlink Take To Ship?

Starlink claims that its shipments can take up to two weeks from the date of ordering. In reality, most customers can expect to receive their hardware kit sooner.

Realistically, you should be able to receive your order in about a week if you live in a country with decent infrastructure, including the United States, Canada, Australia, Germany, or the United Kingdom.

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In some instances, such as island nations like the Philippines or Barbados, shipments may (!) actually be delivered right around the two-weeks mark.

Generally speaking, the further you are away from densely populated areas (where distribution facilities and warehouses are normally located), the longer you’ll have to wait for your Starlink kit to arrive.

If your kit has not arrived within the two weeks, then make sure to contact Starlink’s customer support. I detailed the process in a separate article here.

18 thoughts on “How To Check Your Starlink Order Status (2024)”

  1. It has been 4 months since I placed my order with starlink, how long will it take for me to be notified of it being ready to ship?

    • Hi Carol, if you’re on the waitlist, then you should receive an email once your area is whitelisted. Unfortunately, there is no rhyme or reason to it. It may even take over a year until can finally use Residential service in your area.

      Would suggest to order Roam instead if you need Starlink instantly.

    • Hi Danny, see my other reply to Carol. Unfortunately, it can take years until folks are being whitelisted, so I’d recommend ordering the Roam package instead.

  2. I tried transferring equipment but the starlink website would not take three cards, nor would the ACH work. I tried two different browsers on the computer and the phone, I also tried the updated starlink app but none of them would process the credit card. It isn’t the identifier issue, because it allowed me to get as far as paying for it. I contacted the credit card companies and they dont even see that someone tried processing the card for payment. This is a common problem, it’s all over the internet. what gives? They won’t allow anyone to contact them.

    • Hi Chuck, why exactly would you need your CC info for transferring hardware you own yourself? The only thing you need to ensure is that all your outstanding balances are paid, which shouldn’t be an issue if your previous payments went through successfully.

  3. So the Roam device is the same as the residential device? But I can switch to the residential plan at $120 a month once service becomes available here? I cannot find anything saying that on their website so hesitate to order the Roam. Can you provide something from Starlink that says I can switch my plan with the Roam device once full residential service arrives?

  4. Probably this is not the right place to post it, but at least I try… I’m from Colombia, I ordered it a week ago. Looking at some people here who ordered the kit, they said that it took a week or so to receive it, in the best case about 5 days. Well, I received a tracking number to check the shipping status but to be honest… It does not show addresses, estimated arrival time, or anything related, It was showing shipped. And, the last Monday 08/28 was marked as delivered, but it was not truly delivered. I never received anything. The company assigned in Colombia for shipping is “DHL-Logisflow”. I contacted DHL and they said, they do not work with them, even though the tracking number does not match the DHL standards. I opened a case with Starlink, and they answered that I would have to contact the shipping company, but there is no phone number or webpage. Not sure if I should wait an additional week…

    • Hello Nicolas, I’d wait a few more days. That said, I’d make it clear to Starlink that you still haven’t received the kit and rightfully won’t pay until you do. They normally will send a replacement in these types of rare cases.

  5. I ordered starlink June 7th and I haven’t received any notification at all. The map says it will be in my area 2023 and I have 2 neighbors with starlink. My account page shows the deposit is paid but that is it. Nothing else. No pending nothing

    • Hi Larry, paying a deposit only means that you’ve reserved Starlink for when capacity in your area becomes available. Starlink will send you an email once additional capacity opens up, prompting you to pay for the hardware. Make sure that you keep an eye out and monitor both your inbox and spam folder.

  6. I am in south Ohio. It took 17 months of being on the wait list. The send you an email telling you is is available and you have one week to pay the rest or you go back to the bottom of the wait list.
    Lucky for me I kept checking and was considering ordering with a lower tier, that slows you down during peak times.
    My equipment shows as being shipped DHL with no other information.


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