Starlink Users Report Widespread Outage

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Starlink users across North America, Europe, and Australia have reported outages that led to losses in connection and thus the inability for customers to access the internet.

The Starlink app issued the following message on the app’s home screen:

starlink degraded service
Starlink App

According to various Reddit threads and Facebook groups, like this one here or here, users from all across the globe were affected by the degraded service.

Luckily, Starlink’s team seemed to have been swift in addressing the issue as the service came back online just a few minutes after. However, some users did report that the outage lasted for more than 30 minutes. Others also received the degraded service message, yet were still able to access the internet.

What exactly caused the network outage has neither been confirmed by Starlink or SpaceX representatives. We will keep you updated should there be any statements made by the company.

Although certainly inconvenient, outages are not too uncommon among both fiber-based and satellite-based internet providers, which are both subject to interruptions caused by poor weather and other interferences.

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