Starlink Introduces Sleep Mode Feature

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The Starlink mobile app just received an interesting new update. Dubbed Sleep Schedule, you can now put your dishy into sleep mode, which allows you to save power.

starlink sleep schedule
Starlink App

The newly unveiled feature can be accessed right within your settings. Once you’re on the page, turn the feature on first (by toggling the ‘Enable sleep schedule’ button), select the duration, and click on SAVE.

As Starlink writes, neither Internet services nor melting features will be provided during that time frame. As a result, accumulated snow may take multiple hours until it melts, which means that you likely need to step outside and clean the dish (if it isn’t mounted on a pole).

Sleep schedule, given that the standard dishy uses between 50 watt and 75 watt per hour (110 – 150W for the high-performance versions), is thus particularly useful for those with limited power supply. For example, those that travel in an RV and use their car’s battery will certainly benefit.

Meanwhile, some users on Facebook and Reddit reported that power consumption during sleep mode drops to about 25W. Others, partially joking, welcomed the fact that they now have an option to reign in their children’s internet consumption.

In any case, should you be interested to see what updates Starlink has unveiled thus far, then please refer to our firmware update page.

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