Starlink Frees Up Additional Capacity In Eastern US & Canada

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It seems as if SpaceX’s continuous launches are continuing to pay off: Starlink has just freed up even more capacity for user located in the North Eastern parts of the US as well as Southern Canada.

In the past, individuals residing in the Eastern region of the United States were required to join a waitlist for Starlink’s Residential service, as indicated on the official availability map found on

It now appears that significant parts of Michigan, Pennsylvania, as well as Southern Canada, including the larger Toronto area, are now ready for primetime.

Back in April, SpaceX freed up additional capacity in large parts of the Eastern US. And in the previous months, large portions of the Western US finally cut get off the waitlist.

One challenge that Starlink faces is handling congested cells, which essentially refers to areas where the demand for bandwidth exceeds the current supply provided by the satellites covering that area.

As a result, Residential service is not available in areas marked as “expanding in 2023” on its availability map. Starlink has made amends in the past by either inviting users to its Best Effort option or allowing them to subscribe to Roam.

However, customers subscribed to either of those plans will have to cope with continuously deprioritized speeds, which could reach single-digit Mbps (for downloads). Meanwhile, Priority plan customers will have to cope with soft data caps, too.

Going forward, more and more areas will likely be made available as Starlink continues to expand its satellite constellation and ground station network. In 2023 alone, SpaceX recorded 19 Starlink launches, four of which featured its more potent V2 mini satellites.

For now, it seems that SpaceX is well on its way to free up capacity across the entirety of North America, thus finally following through on its promise to bring high-speed internet to the most remote corners of the US and Canada.

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